2019 Annual Production Sale
March 16, 2019



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It is crazy to look back and think of the old days. We love to look back and think about how things were so different in the cattle industry when my Grandpa Leonard was a farmer, moving onto my dad Chuck and now me, Matt. It has brought me so much joy to keep carrying on the Simmental tradition in my family, and I will continue to do so with high hopes that my sons will do the same. How about you take a trip with me down memory lane this year. There will be a lot of you cattleman/women that will be able to reflect back on your own family history in the cattle world and how different things are.

Beginning: Let me introduce my amazing and hard working Grandpa Leonard Hoffman. Born on February 26, 1933, I will let him tell you about his experience as a farmer.

“Always enjoyed cattle and working with them, my dad had a commercial herd of about 50 stock cows when I was growing up. I spent 2 years in the army 1952-1955, went back to the farm once I got home from discharge. “Farm Raised” with 6 children-all were in 4-H just like me in my youth, I always enjoyed showing cattle and raising them. It makes me happy to see my son and grandchildren’s families involved in what was so important to me all my 84 years, faith, family and the future.”      ~Leonard Hoffman~

My dad, Chuck Hoffman~ Started in 1975 when he bought 15 cows from the Porter Sale barn, in Porter MN. 1976 was the year he bought his 1st Simmental Bull. One of the favorite bulls used was “Signal” he was one of them “good bulls.” In the 1980’s he also did a sale along with some of his cattleman friends. It was called the, “Top Notch Club Calf Sale,” it rotated between the Porter, Canby and Jackson sale barns. Some of the names involved with this sale were- Schentzel Simmental, Tom Hook Simmentals, Roger Potter Limousins, Ochsendorf show cattle, Reid Simmentals, & Gary Johns Cattle Co.  Over the years Dad purchased bulls from Kontz Simmental, Schentzel Simmental, Kjergaard Simmental, Schalek Simmental, Hart Simmental, Beitelspacher Simmental, & Hook Simmental.  When my dad was 38 years old he bought out his dad and took over the cow/calf operation.  Makes me excited knowing that I will keep following him in his footsteps and knowing there will be a future for my sons. My dad took AI courses at the Canby Vo-Tech and I also have taken the course.   I use AI and embryo technology to raise my cattle, it is something that I purely enjoy in my life.

Now me, Matt, where do I start. The whole farming experience has been everything I have dreamed of and wanted. Of course it has been a rollercoaster, decision making, responsibility.  Keeping my cattle healthy, making sure they are being bred the right way with the right sire, making sure they  stay healthy once those babies hit the cold ground. Its hard work, dedication, time consuming, and can be scary at times. This is why I consider myself a Cattleman. I steer myself into the direction of What would my fellow cattleman want in their operation? The customer always comes first when it comes to raising the right heifer/bull for their herd.  My hopes are for my fellow cattleman/women to take a look at what I have to offer and say “this feels good and it’s going to work out great in my operation.” I have learned from the best in my life and grew up knowing what is important in the cattle industry and what is expected. My future plan will stay the same and that is to make my new and old customers happy and for them to know they are greatly appreciated and to also show my boys the importance of responsibility and dedication in the cattle business.

Thank you and enjoy the sale.
Matt Hoffman of Rockin H Simmentals, Canby MN




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